The online service that allows you to request a visit to see someone in prison has been brought back to prisons in England and Wales. The service was turned off in March 2020 when visits were temporarily paused due to Covid-19.

The service is already being offered again in most prisons. The remainder of prisons will re-start using the service in the coming weeks. 

You can access the service at

Prison pages on are also being updated with a link as and when the service is made available at each prison.

When the service is back on, you will be able to request a visit online and choose up to 3 time slots for the visit.

Up to 3 days later, you will receive an email from the prison confirming your visit and the time slot.

To use the service you will need:

  • The prisoner number
  • The prisoner’s date of birth
  • Dates of birth for all visitors coming with you

You will also need to be on the prisoner’s visitor list before you can request a visit. Please bear in mind that if you need to be added to a prisoner’s list, it may take up to 2 weeks.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact [email protected]

Page last reviewed: 17 June 2022