The Intensive Alternatives to Custody (IAC) pilot programme ran from April 2008 to March 2011. It was a community-based sentence for male and female people with convictions who were on the verge of receiving a custodial sentence. The Intensive Alternative to Custody order involved an intensive curriculum of activity offering rehabilitation, punishment and reparation through partnerships between the police and statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations. IAC Orders lasted for 12 months and most involved up to five requirements out of the twelve available. The order was designed to allow people with convictions to make reparation for the harm they have done to their local community, while supporting them to avoid re-offending. Its objectives were to:

  • Divert people from short term custody
  • Reduce re-offending with a difficult group of people with convictions
  • Control, change, integrate
  • Develop new partnerships to deliver interventions
  • Increase confidence in community sentences

A mentor worked alongside offender managers to encourage motivation and support compliance. A strong emphasis was given to working towards employment.

As with other community orders, failure to comply with the sentence resulted in the person with a conviction being returned to court and the order being made more difficult, or having his or her sentence revoked and be re-sentenced to custody. Please see the key findings from initial analysis of the IAC pilot programme.

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