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The facilities available to families at courts vary across the country – all have at least toilets and refreshment facilities. The Court finder website has detailed information on the facilities at all courts in England and Wales.

What services are available for disabled people?
All courts should have disabled access and toilet facilities. In addition, courts generally offer enhanced hearing access and welcome guide dogs for the visually impaired. If you have a disability that may affect you when attending court it is worth contacting the court in advance so that special arrangements can be made. You can also visit the court’s website or speak to your solicitor about disabled access.

Are there any childcare facilities at court?
Most courts do not have childcare facilities, it is best to enquire with the individual court prior to attending. Children under 14 years of age are not normally permitted in a public gallery or courtroom without the Judge’s permission.

Babies and small children must be supervised by an adult at all times. This means that if you attend with a child and no-one else is available to look after the child you will not be able to enter the court room. Court staff are not permitted to supervise children on behalf of a family member under any circumstances.

Will there be a translator?
If your family member requires a translator the court will provide one. There is no obligation for the court to provide translation services for those attending in support.

This page was updated on January 2017